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'Back up'

Hillary Clinton paid a visit to The View on Wednesday, a day after her election memoir What Happened hit bookshelves. The former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee sat down with the co-hosts for a conversation that spread over three segments and touched on a range of topics, and included a few tough questions. It was during the last segment, though, that Joy Behar presented Clinton with a gift that drew raucous applause from the studio audience and an ear-to-ear grin from the former candidate. The conversation had turned to the second presidential debate against Donald Trump, one that was the topic of an excerpt from the book that was released last month.

Clinton was talking about how she’d practiced in debate prep being followed around by the man who was playing Trump, and she said going into the debate she would be comfortable with Trump “stalking me” during the contest. But then it actually happened, and she said “it felt so different” than what she had been expecting. She’s previously mentioned that she wanted to turned around and tell Trump to back off.

“We got you something,” Behar said, pulling a sweatshirt from underneath the table where they were all seated. “And you can just wear this from now on.” Behar unfurled the shirt which was emblazoned with the embroidered head of a lion and the words “Back Up.” Clinton was most amused. Watch below

Clinton has been on quite the media blitz of late promoting her new book. And we know you’ve got a job and it’s probably hard to keep up with all of the media appearances. She definitely has a set of talking points she’s been sticking to, but each of the interviews has had some unique moments as well. Below, find the full videos of her appearances on The View, NBC’s Today show, where she appeared on Wednesday, followed by her interview with Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning.

Clinton on The View.

Clinton on Today.

Clinton on Sunday Morning.


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‘Ask the source’

New Delhi native Madhumita Pandey, 26, has interviewed more than 100 convicted rapists over the course of three years in an attempt to understand why “these men do what they do.”

Pandey, who is pursuing her doctorate at the criminology department of Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom, said she began the project when she was just 22, some months after the infamous 2012 gang rape of a woman known as “Nirbhaya” — which means “Fearless One.”

“I thought, what prompts these men?” Pandey told The Washington Post. “What are the circumstances which produce men like this? I thought, ask the source.”

So Pandey began traveling to Delhi’s Tihar Jail, and interviewing the convicted rapists incarcerated there. In the end, Pandey said she discovered that rapists were not “monsters” but rather “ordinary” men.

“What they’ve done,” she explained, “is because of upbringing and thought process … In my experience a lot of these men don’t realize that what they’ve done is rape. They don’t understand what consent is.”

In 2015, 34,651 women in India reported being raped, according to the National Crimes Record Bureau. In recent months, a 16-year-old girl was reportedly gang raped and murdered, a 14-year-old was gang raped after being kidnapped while going to use the bathroom, and a baby died after being thrown from a rickshaw by rapists attacking her mother — among a plethora of other horrific instances of sexual violence that have been reported.

According to Pandey, India’s socially conservative attitudes toward women is a likely contributor to the country’s ongoing problem with rape.

“You ask yourself, is it just these men? Or is it the vast majority of men,” said Pandey.

Pandey also shared what she’d learned about how men responded after being convicted of rape, including the terrifying response given by a man who had raped a 5-year-old girl.

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Police say they’ve solved the mystery of a case in which a 37-year-old mother of two and real estate agent went missing in the hours before Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas coast late last month. Authorities say a Houston man has made a tearful confession in which he said that he strangled his ex-wife to death in their home while their children were in the next room.

Investigators say Steven McDowell, 44, told them that after he and his ex-wife, Houston realtor Crystal Seratte McDowell, divorced in June, she had continued to live in his house while her place was remodeled, according to an ABC News 13 report. Crystal’s new boyfriend, Paul Hargrave, who began dating the realtor three weeks before her alleged murder, had previously speculated McDowell deliberately took advantage of the chaos caused by Hurricane Harvey in an attempt to hide the killing. Crystal had reportedly gone to collect her children from her ex-husband’s house the day before the hurricane hit Houston.

“I believe he knew exactly what he was doing. I think he knew the storm was coming in and this would help cover his tracks,” said Hargrave. “I think I had a lot to do with his decision to do this and I can’t help but feel responsible for that.”

Crystal’s uncle, Jeff Walters, who had taken care of her since her parents’ death when she was 11, said that she had recently started working with him in real estate.

“She said herself she was the happiest she had ever been in her life,” said Walters.

According to police, McDowell burst into tears and confessed to the murder while being investigated in relation to her disappearance, and later showed investigators the Chambers County woodland where he had hidden her body.

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The drama between Sharon Osbourne and Kim Kardashian over the meaning of feminism has now dragged into a second week. Osbourne says she was misquoted in an interview with The Telegraph in which she paper reported her having said that Kim Kardashian acts like a “ho” and calls it “feminism.” Noting that Kardashian had appeared to respond to Obsourne’s alleged comments with a quote and by posting a nude photo to Instagram, Osbourne told The Talk that the situation had gotten “ridiculous” and that her actual quote hadn’t been “rude.”

“[The interviewer] asked my opinion and I gave it,” said Osbourne. “Whatever she does she’s showing her body, which shows she’s a strong, grounded woman and she’s not ashamed of her body. And that’s great, but people have been doing that since day one and people have been stripping and whatever since day one. It doesn’t make you a feminist.”

Responding to Osbourne’s latest discussion of the controversy, Kardashian told E! News that she had never claimed to “post nude photos in the name of feminism.” In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia last week, Kardashian had noted that while she had once claimed to not want to be labeled as a feminist, that she nonetheless “[feels] in my soul that I’m a feminist.”

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Sister act

As the cleanup and recovery effort has gotten underway in Florida after Hurricane Irma left a path of flooding and destruction in its wake, a nun is being hailed as a hero online after video emerged showing her wielding a chainsaw and chopping up trees felled by the monster storm. The video has gone viral.

Sister Margaret Ann, of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, can be seen in a video posted on social media by the Miami-Dade Police Department using the power tool to get down to business and cut up branches that were obstructing a small road. Sister Margaret Ann appeared to be using a gas-powered chainsaw (as opposed to an electric-powered one), which is no joke.

“As we recover from #HurricaneIrma, these acts of kindness remind us all that we are #OneCommunity in #MiamiDadeCounty! Thank you Sister and all of our neighbors that are working together to get through this! #MiamiDadeStrong,” the police wrote on Facebook.

The sight of Sister Margaret Ann, in full habit and nun dress, her robes blowing in the post-tropical storm breeze, amused social media users — and won her fans. Some worried about her wearing such loose-fitting clothing while operating such a dangerous power tool, but most just praised her heroics.

One Facebook user, Carolyn S Hennecy, commented, “I love it. I love her. We are women. Hear our chainsaws roar!!”

“Prayers are great, but prayer accompanied by action is powerful,” another Facebook user, Kevin A. Reed, wrote.

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With paramedics unable to travel, woman delivered her own baby during Hurricane Irma

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‘Lip service’

In an interview with Refinery29’s Arianna Davis, Hillary Clinton gave a blunt response when asked whether she considered Ivanka Trump complicit in her father’s policies.

“Everyone associated with him … they’re either on board with that, or they’re not. And if they’re not, they need to be speaking out or leaving. But if they remain silent and just give lip service to contrary points of views, then they are part of his agenda and should be judged and held accountable for that,” Clinton told Davis.

Ivanka, who describes herself as a feminist, has at times appeared to contradict her father by expressing support for Syrian refugees, promising to combat the gender pay gap, and by condemning the role of neo-Nazis in a deadly Charlottesville white nationalism rally even as the president was busy blaming counter-protesters.

Unfortunately, as Clinton pointed out, Ivanka’s actions have seldom lived up to her words. Most recently, Ivanka responded to her father’s discontinuation of a rule requiring companies to collect data on the wage gap — a rule that she had previously supported — by explaining that while she still believed that “transparency is important” to eliminating the pay gap, that in this case transparency wouldn’t help.

Moving on from Ivanka’s complicity, Clinton also shared details from the recent election and even responded to critics who have claimed that her marriage with Bill Clinton is an “arrangement.”

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