Tracy six months after her release. East Harlem, NY.

“This is my third home in six months. I was at Providence House [a halfway house in Brooklyn] for four months. That felt
like a home. The nuns were sweet. There were rules and regulations, which makes some of the girls complain that it feels
like prison, but you have rules and regulations in your own home, too. I could take a bath when I wanted, even at two or
three in the morning. There are no bathtubs in prison. I could go to the grocery store with a shopping cart, not a net bag to commissary. But my time was up after four months and after I got scammed out of a down payment on an apartment, I ended up at a three-quarter house. It was horrible, unsafe, and a drug-violation environment. I was able to leave after 24 hours. Then the uncle of my grandchildren, not related to me, took me in. I have lots of things that I got back from my teenage home. ”

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