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Zainab Salbi

Zainab Salbi

NY 2018 Summit

Host and Executive Editor, #MeToo, Now What; Founder, Women for Women International

Uyghur Journalist Gulchehra Hoja in conversation

China’s Shame: Oppression of Uyghurs

2019 NY Summit

Women in the World Los Angeles Salon: After patriarchy, the way forward

2018 LA Salon

The PerSisters

2018 DC Salon

The fight against Islamic extremism in Paris

2017 LA Salon

The Survivor

2017 Dallas Salon

The PerSisters

2017 Dallas Salon

The fearless women of Turkey

2016 NY Summit

Women in the World London Forum II

2016 London Forum

Indian superstar Aamir Khan tackles taboos one show at a time

2015 NY Summit

Tima Shomali: The Arab world’s next Tina Fey

2015 NY Summit

A royale role in the Middle East: Queen Rania

2015 London Summit

Cate Blanchett spotlights greatest crisis since World War II

2015 India Summit

World on Fire: Jon Stewart Talks to Women From The Arab Spring

2014 NY Summit

World on Fire: Arab Women Are Being Excluded

2014 NY Summit