Women in the World Salon

October 8 San Antonio

Tina Brown co-hosted the Women in the World San Antonio Salon on December 8 with President of 3N Group Guillermo Nicolas and San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley.

Our stage guests included Yeonmi Park, the remarkably brave 22-year-old North Korean defector who defied one of the most repressive governments in the world, first by escaping and now by speaking out about human rights abuses in her homeland; William H. McRaven, Adm. (Ret.), Chancellor of The University of Texas System and former commander of the US Special Operations Command; Lavinia Limon, CEO of the U-S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and a powerful voice for the tens of thousands of  immigrants fleeing the epidemic of violence in Central America; and many more.

The engaging half-day salon was held at The St. Anthony Hotel.

Women in the World was generously supported by presenting sponsor Toyota, leadership sponsor the City of San Antonio, and supporting sponsors H.E.B., AT&T and NuStar.


From Our Stage

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