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(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)


Indonesian woman goes to jail after recording lewd calls from her boss — while he walks free

By WITW Staff on July 5, 2019

An Indonesian woman who tried to report her employer for alleged sexual harassment has been jailed by the country’s Supreme Court, Reuters reports, in a move that human-rights advocates say criminalizes victims of abuse.

The court ruled that Baiq Nuril Maknun, who was a teacher on the island of Lombok, was guilty of violating anti-pornography laws, overturning her acquittal by a lower court, according to Reuters. She was sentenced to six months in jail and ordered to pay a $35,383 fine. The court’s decision cannot be appealed.

Maknun had complained of getting lewd phone calls from the principal of a high school where she had worked since 2012, Reuters reports, citing court documents. In the calls, the principal shared explicit details of his sexual encounters and demanded she engage in an affair, according to The Washington Post.

Maknun recorded some of the calls, gave a recording to a third person, and distributed a recording on an electronic device, the documents showed. The principal lost his job, then reported Maknun to police, leading to her arrest for the distribution of indecent material.

The principal, according to the Post, walks free.

“We are concerned about the impact of this decision because it opens a door for perpetrators of sexual violence to criminalize victims,” Ade Wahyudin, executive director of the Legal Aid Foundation for the Press, told Reuters.

Maknun’s legal team said clemency can’t be sought unless a jail sentence is at least two years long, but that the president could grant amnesty. President Joko Widodo has said that Maknun could seek amnesty if she did not find justice through a judicial review, Reuters reports. A spokeswoman for the president declined to comment on the latest ruling.

Read the full story at Reuters.


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