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A Pakistani woman displaced by flooding holds her newborn baby in Sindh province in 2010. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)


An advertisement promoting women’s rights in Pakistan sparks outrage

By WITW Staff on June 26, 2019

In Pakistan, critics are denouncing an international detergent brand for an advertisement that challenges gender stereotypes in the conservative country, AFP reports. The ad for Ariel soap, owned by U.S.-based Proctor & Gamble, calls for women to break free of repressive traditions and pursue careers.

In the ad, women representing different professions, including journalism and medicine, push dirty sheets out of view. The sheets are printed with sentences stating common refrains used to oppress women in Pakistan, AFP reports, including the judgmental question, “What will people say?”

The ad ends with the captain of Pakistan women’s cricket team saying, “Stay within the house … these are not only sentences, but stains.”

Conservatives blasted the ad on Twitter, using the hashtag #BoycottAriel.

Some critics called for Pakistani regulators to have the ad censored.

Women in Pakistan live in a patriarchal society that involves pervasive violence against women, gender discrimination, and public harassment, with few women daring to walk outside their home alone.

Read more at Gulf News.


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