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A woman holds an anti-abortion placard as supporters of President Trump rally on June 2, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)


Congressman posts loaded poll asking whether a mother has a right to ‘kill her unborn baby’

By WITW Staff on June 11, 2019

Republican Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona used his official House of Representatives website to post a poll on abortion rights, the Arizona Republic reports, making his own opinion clear with his loaded phrasing of the questions.

The four-question survey began by asking whether Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, should be overturned.

The first option said, “Yes. Life begins at conception.”

The other option said, “No. A mother should always have the right to kill her unborn baby no matter when life begins.”

The survey went on to ask whether the Supreme Court should “allow protection of unborn babies after six weeks,” according to the Republic. The poll also asked when a doctor or mother should “be charged with murder of a baby,” and whether “aborted baby parts” should be allowed for sale.

Emily Eames, a 34-year-old Las Vegas resident, said she received an email from Gosar’s office asking her to take the poll, which she described as “incredibly shocking,” according to the Republic. “I opened it and felt like I couldn’t even fill it out because [for] every question the response was either, ‘No, I don’t believe in abortion,’ or, ‘I’m a baby killer.'”

Eames, a supporter of abortion rights, said she was disgusted that a member of Congress would use taxpayer resources to promote what she sees as a fraudulent poll, the Republic reported.

Read the full story at the Arizona Republic.


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