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U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) pauses while speaking at an organizing event on February 18, 2019 in Glendale, California. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


Week in Women: Wait, Tucker Carlson loves Elizabeth Warren?

By on June 6, 2019

Women in Japan have submitted a petition to the government to protest having to wear high heels to work, as the country’s labor minister called the regressive rule “necessary and appropriate.”

Japan’s anti-heels campaign is called #KuToo, a play on the word kutsu, meaning shoes, and kutsuu, meaning pain.

The action follows similar movements across the world. In April, Norwegian Air came under fire for forcing its female flight attendants to carry a doctor’s note if they weren’t wearing heels on board. In Britain, 150,000 women signed a petition that led to government action after a famous accounting firm sent a woman home for wearing flats.

What, you really thought President Trump would leave London without making at least one misogynist comment?

After a WWII veteran yesterday responded to meeting Melania Trump by saying “If I was 20 years younger…” Donald took a look at his wife, then assured the ex-soldier “You could handle it, no question.” Thank goodness the Queen did not have to hear Trump’s gauche remark about “it” aka The First Lady.

Speaking of Her Majesty, journalist Sarah Vine’s report of her night at the Royal Banquet is a thrill to read — not least the part where she describes the Queen as “a tiny, shining pearl of a woman glinting in the giant Trump oyster.”

Rihanna and Serena have earned it.

Following the historic debut of Rihanna’s LVMH brand last month, the new Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women list is out and it reveals that RiRi is the wealthiest female musician in the world — eclipsing Madonna, Beyonce and Celine Dion.

She’s joined on the list by Serena Williams who says of her future: “I want to be the brand instead of just being the face.”

Do young people have a constitutional right to be protected from climate change?

23-year-old Kelsey Juliana thinks so, and she’s taken the U.S. government to court to prove it.

The first hearing took place this week, when judges fiercely challenged both sides. Read the lively report here.

Forget ‘America First.’

As she continues to soar in the polls, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has just rebranded her entire campaign as one for “economic patriotism,” with its very own ‘Green Marshall Plan’ attached.

The tactic to reclaim ownership of patriotism from the right is already proving highly effective and is even being helped along by an unlikely voice: Tucker Carlson, who spent the majority of his show last night praising her speech.

Denmark is set to have  its second female prime minister. At age 41, Social Democrat Mette Frederiksen is also the country’s youngest ever leader.

Tayari Jones has won this year’s Women’s Prize for Fiction for An American Marriage. Watch her appearance at the 2019 Women in the World summit here.

Stacey Abrams, a 2018 gubernatorial candidate in George and another guest on the 2019 summit stage, is urging Hollywood to “stay and fight” in Georgia, rather than leave in protest of the state’s new anti-abortion rights laws.

The Women’s World Cup starts tomorrow – plan the games you’ll be watching at this link.

The Wing named one of their conference rooms after Gloria Steinem. Guess who showed up in it.