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Jeni Haynes (Facebook)
Jeni Haynes (Facebook)


Woman with dissociative identity disorder confronts her abusive father in court — using 30 identities

By WITW Staff on June 3, 2019

After suffering years of violent sexual assault at the hands of her father as a child in Sydney, Australia, Jeni Haynes developed dissociative identify disorder. Now she has brought him to justice, confronting him in court, using some 30 of her different identities, or “alters.”

Her father, Richard Haynes, pleaded guilty in March to charges of rape and sexual assault starting when his daughter was four years old, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Jeni, now 49, delivered her victim impact statement at a court hearing in Sydney, while her 74-year-old father first avoided her gaze, then later sat back and grinned, according to the Herald.

In one of her alters — a four-year-old girl named Symphony — she said, “Dad’s abuse was extreme, violent, sadistic, unescapable, unavoidable, constant, and life threatening, not to mention overwhelming.” Another alter, named Muscles, berated her father. Another, named Linda, talked about missed career opportunities.

“He never referred to me by my name,” she said in another alter. “I was terrified whenever he was home.”

Before the hearing, she told the Herald, “Dad needs to confront the enormity of what he did. And the enormity of what he did is 2,500 alters. To just let Jeni or Linda read that statement is a cheat. He needs not just to hear it, but to actually see it in front of him. This is what he did to me.”

The judge agreed.

Read the full story at The Sydney Morning Herald


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