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Singer Dani Miller features in a new ad campaign for Gucci Beauty. (Instagram)
Singer Dani Miller features in a new ad campaign for Gucci Beauty. (Instagram)

A 'coming out'

Singer’s gap-toothed grin makes a statement for Gucci Beauty’s 1st ad campaign

By WITW Staff on May 8, 2019

The brilliant gap-toothed smile of punk singer Dani Miller has been chosen to feature in Gucci Beauty’s first ever ad campaign, providing a stark contrast to the conventionally symmetrical smiles normally employed by beauty brands to advertise makeup and lipstick. Speaking to Refinery29, Miller said that she nearly cried with happiness after seeing the iconic shot of the campaign — a close-up of the singer’s smiling mouth, with no editing to hide any of her teeth’s supposed ‘flaws.’

“It was a coming out, a celebration of me being myself. It’s been a process to evolve and feel comfortable in my own skin. Everyone has things to work through, but seeing that really made me stoked. It’s gonna be awesome for people to feel inspired and not feel alone in their insecurities,” said Miller, the lead singer of Brooklyn punk collective Surfbort.

Growing up, she recalled, she had been afraid to even smile due to the constant insults and jokes people made about her teeth.

“I’m like, ‘What the hell? This is me. I was born this way, man!’ I had a fake retainer with teeth in it in high school, and sometimes it would even fall out. I was even like, ‘Oh, I need to not smile because people are going to notice and then I can’t even hold this job.’ I just felt like I wasn’t my full self,” said Miller.

But since those dark days, she added, she had learned to see the beauty in herself — and to not give a damn about the people who tried to make her feel inferior for not looking the way they thought she should. By participating in Gucci Beauty’s ad campaign, she said, she hopes to show that “what people consider flaws or ‘nontraditional beauty’ … [is] really be a beautiful thing.”

“I feel like with smiles and makeup ads, there needs to be a change in not just having the cookie-cutter, no-flaw look,” Miller explained. “That’s awesome for some people — it’s a beautiful look — but it’s really dangerous to force everyone to fit a certain style.”

Watch video from the new ad campaign below.

Read the full story at CNN.


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