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Yeimy (R), 37, who was raped by four rebel fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) during the five-decade civil war, hangs laundry as her son Dylan helps her outside their house in Soacha, on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, May 28, 2018. (REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

‘An unholy alliance’

Trump administration threatens to veto U.N. resolution barring use of rape as weapon of war

April 23, 2019

Objecting to language that offers victims of rape access to sexual and reproductive health services, the Trump administration is reportedly threatening to veto a United Nations resolution aimed at preventing the use of rape as a weapon of war.

Aspects of the draft resolution, which would create a formal body to monitor and report atrocities, have already been stripped from the agreement because of opposition from the U.S., Russia and China. But according to U.N. officials, the U.S. government is continuing to oppose the agreement — apparently because it affords rape victims access to healthcare that could also be used to facilitate abortions. U.N. officials and European diplomats have said that caving to the U.S. could prove a setback for women’s rights across the world for decades.

“If we let the Americans do this and take out this language, it will be watered down for a long time,” a European diplomat told the Guardian, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “It is, at its heart, an attack on the progressive normative framework established over the past 25 years.”

“Until the Trump administration, we could always count on the Americans to help us defend it. Now the Americans have switched camp,” the diplomat continued. “Now it’s an unholy alliance of the U.S., the Russians, the Holy See, the Saudis and the Bahrainis, chipping away at the progress that has been made.”

“We are not even sure whether we are having the resolution tomorrow, because of the threats of a veto from the U.S.,” added Pramila Patten, the U.N. special representative on sexual violence in conflict. “It will be a huge contradiction that you are talking about a survivor-centered approach and you do not have language on sexual and reproductive healthcare services, which is for me the most critical.”

Read the full story at the Guardian.


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