13-year-old violinist from Brooklyn makes magic with a virtuoso performance

Barely a teenager, Pilar Hill left the Women in the World audience awe-struck with a stunning performance to open the summit’s third and final day.

Pilar Hill performs at the 2019 Women In The World Summit in New York City on April 12, 2019.

Pilar Hill is 13 years old, but the mesmerizing music she coaxed from her violin at the Women in the World Summit on Friday sounded timeless.

A virtuoso from Brooklyn, New York, she is currently in her fourth year of study of Juilliard Pre-College at the legendary Juilliard School. But she doesn’t spend confined to a classroom. She recently concluded her first tour, playing the National Anthem at NBA games around the U.S., including in her home town at Madison Square Garden, in honor of both Black and Women’s History Months.

On stage at Lincoln Center Friday morning, Hill, barely a teenager, seemed wise beyond her years. When one of her violin strings snapped, she never missed beat, didn’t break a sweat, and wowed the audience with singular grace.


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