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Marsai Martin attends the BBC America BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea Party 2017 in fabulous heels at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on September 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Marsai Martin attends the BBC America BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea Party 2017 in fabulous heels at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on September 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


The Week in Women: Which 14-year-old girl just became Hollywood’s youngest producer ever?

By WITW Staff on April 4, 2019

With a promise to dismantle the city’s “endless cycle of corruption,” Lori Lightfoot was elected Chicago’s first gay, first African-American female mayor on Tuesday.

She won in a landslide — her rival carried just 20 of 2,069 precincts — showing just how eager Chicagoans are for a new day. Known as a “kickass trial lawyer,” Lightfoot immediately set the tone for her new administration, calling for a second look at the acquittal of several cops in the shooting of a black 17 year old in 2014 — a tragic incident that sparked months of protests across the city.

Audrey Gelman, co-founder of pioneering women’s co-working company The Wing, has partnered with the New York Times to tell the story of 11 New York congresswomen who paved the way — starting in 1929 — for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Gelman will appear at the 10th annual Women in the World Summit next week, where she’ll interview Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah about mental health and resilience. Get your tickets here.

Speaking of A.O.C., the new congresswoman’s star shone even brighter this week thanks to, of all people, former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who complained that she “didn’t listen to a word I said” when he tried to impart some career advice. Could it be because Ryan devoted his career to cutting taxes for the rich, and once said he’d been “dreaming” about gutting Medicaid since he was “drinking out of kegs?”

Gigantic inflatable breasts have swelled into view on rooftops all over London, much to the delight of the city’s Instagram-addicted pedestrians.

The stunt is part of a campaign to highlight the stigma around public breastfeeding in Britain. In a new survey of more than 2,000 British women, one in three revealed they’d been forced to pump their milk in the bathroom at work.

The ad agency Mother first inflated the balloons in 2017, and their return has generated a gleeful response on social media, with one online moms’ forum tweeting, “And we thought ours were big when they were engorged.”

Kirsten Gillibrand’s army of fans doesn’t think you’re taking her seriously enough.

A new story in Refinery 29 delves deep into their world, which up until now has gone largely unreported as the B-Boys (Biden, Bernie, Beto and Buttigieg) continue to dominate the headlines.

While the article gently mocks some of her more hardcore fans, the Gillistans are right to remind us that the New York Senator was spotlighting paid family leave and maternal mortality rates for years before they became popular issues.

After Cyclone Idai flooded her town, a Mozambique woman was forced to give birth in a mango tree while her two-year-old son clung to the branches beside her.

Scrambling into the tree after water poured into their house in a storm that has so far killed more than 700 people, the single mom — whose name so far has been given only as Amélia — had to wait two days to be rescued.

Studies have long shown that climate change will hit women harder than men, but this might be the most awful example yet.

Marsai Martin, the 14-year-old star of ABC’s Black-ish, just became Hollywood’s youngest ever executive producer.

Martin pitched the concept for Little, which she also stars in, when she was just ten years old. Her take on the Tom Hanks classic Big, Martin was even involved in the casting process, where she was stunned by how seriously the kids auditioning took her:

“They didn’t see me as an actress, they saw me as the person who created the thing they were auditioning for. I almost cried.”

After no one visited a baby at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts for five months, the head nurse decided to adopt her.

While walking into court following her arrest in a college bribery scheme, Lori Loughlin made time to sign autographs for fans.

Rihanna was caught on camera doing something we can all relate to: singing Rihanna songs at a karaoke night.


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