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(Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

'A blur'

Two JetBlue flight attendants say they were drugged and raped by pilots

By WITW Staff on March 22, 2019

Two JetBlue pilots have been accused of drugging three women flight crew members and raping two of them during a layover in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Two JetBlue crew members filed a lawsuit claiming they went to the beach between flights with another female crew member. There, they met two men who turned out to be pilots for the airline. They say the men, identified in the lawsuit as Eric Johnson and Dan Watson, offered them an opened beer, which they shared between them. “The rest of the night became a blur,” the lawsuit says. The next thing they remembered, they were at a hotel where one of the claimants, identified as Jane Doe 1, alleges that she woke up “in a haze from being drugged” to find herself in bed with Johnson with the third crew member.

“Plaintiff was unable to react to the situation, but was simply aware that it was happening,” the suit claims. “Plaintiff’s flashes of memory included [Johnson] having sexual intercourse with the other crew member who was also under the influence of the drugs.”

After the rape, Jane Doe 1 said, she recalled the pilot telling them: “Thank you for making my fantasy come true.”

According to Jane Doe 2, Johnson and Watson had “intended to rape” her but stopped after she “began vomiting.”

The next morning, the three women said they felt “groggy,” “numb,” and “in a weird out-of-body fog,” and repeatedly vomited as they worked a return flight to Newark. They looked up the symptoms associated with date rape drugs and found that their symptoms matched. When Jane Doe 1 returned home to Utah, she reported the drugging and sexual assault and tested positive for HPV, which “she could have only contracted from Johnson,” according to the complaint. Jane Doe 1 and 2 reported the alleged assaults to JetBlue, but say that the airline failed to investigate and declined to discipline the pilots.

JetBlue’s handling of the situation, they argue, amounted to “sex discrimination, gender discrimination and a hostile work environment.” The women are seeking unspecified damages for discrimination, assault and battery, and aggravated sexual abuse from both the airline and the pilots. In a statement from their lawyer, they said they hoped that the lawsuit would also encourage other women airline employees to come forward about similar experiences. Last year, a pilot for Alaska Airlines also said she was drugged and raped by another pilot, adding that she was told by her airline that she should stay silent and not report the assault.

Read the full story at the Washington Post.


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