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A Muslim woman gives away a free hijab to guests attending the Ponsonby Masjid Mosque during an open service to all religions on March 22, 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

‘Headscarf for harmony’

New Zealand women of all faiths wear hijabs in support of Muslim community

By WITW Staff on March 22, 2019

A week after the mass shooting that killed 50 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques, women of all faiths from across New Zealand donned hijabs to show solidarity with the Muslim community. Speaking with CNN, non-Muslim women who participated in the “headscarf for harmony” campaign on Friday said they wanted to make it clear that no one should feel unsafe or unwelcome because of their religion.

“We wanted to show our children that just because we may not belong to the same religions, or we may look different, we are all equal,” Izzy Ford, 45, told CNN. “I know days, weeks, months will go by and we will remove our scarves and be back to our lives, and for our Muslim community they will continue, but for this moment in time we want to show them we are them, we love them, and they are our family.”

“I’ve heard of Muslim women who are scared to go out wearing their hijab after the shooting and I don’t think anyone should be afraid to be themselves or practice their culture or beliefs in New Zealand,” added Mal Turner, 28.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the campaign didn’t enjoy universal support. Its detractors included those who believe the hijab is a symbol of the oppression of women. In many countries where women lack the same fundamental rights as men, critics noted, women do not have the choice of whether or not to wear a headscarf.

But supporters of the campaign argued that it was Islamophobic to suggest that women who choose to wear the hijab are embracing oppression — and that conservative sects of Judaism and Christianity have their own strict rules about what women of those faiths are allowed to wear.

Read the full story at CNN.


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