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Wear it well

In our ‘#PowerPairs’ partnership with J. Crew, 8 women share the style of their success

By WITW Staff on March 5, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with J. Crew on “Power Pairs,” a series that pairs up 8 inspiring female leaders and listens in as they trade and share the style of their success in their professional and personal lives.

We love what they had to say. “Don’t hide from who you are. Live as who you are. Lead as who you are,” said Carley Roney, founder of The Knot, when asked for advice for the next generation of female leaders. Glory Edim, founder of Well-Read Black Girl, endorsed the notion of “really embracing every part of yourself and sharing that in an honest and candid way.”

Nina Collins, founder of The Woolfer, weighed in with her tips for designing an independent career: “Buy some real estate early and work for yourself if you can.” And Workin’ Moms creator Catherine Reitman offered perhaps the most delectable bit of wisdom of all: “Frequent snacks,” she said. “People don’t realize how hungry they are all the time. I feel like snacks make a big difference.” Amen.

Touching on the ever-evolving topic of workplace fashion for women, Roney advocated for informality. “I’m actually so happy not to have to ‘girl it up’ all the time — being able to be more relaxed and still feel powerful in just a cool outfit.” Reitman, meanwhile, made the case for ease of mobility: “I feel the most boss in things I feel like I can move in… A sweatsuit with a heel and a blazer.”

But whatever they choose to wear, as far as we’re concerned there’s one irrefutable truth: the most important thing about an outfit is the woman who’s in it.

Learn more about the Power Pairs project at J. Crew