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Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, arrives with their family rabbit "Marlon Bundo" during an event with military families celebrating National Military Appreciation Month and National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 9, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


Karen Pence teaching art at school that bans LGBTQ students, parents and teachers

January 17, 2019

Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence, has started a job this week teaching art at a school in Northern Virginia that explicitly bans LGBTQ students and staff.

Immanuel Christian School states, in a parent agreement posted online, that it will refuse admission to students if they — or their family members — do not adhere to “biblical morals or standards of conduct”, including “participating, supporting, or condoning sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bi-sexual activity.”

HuffPost came across the policy while investigating discriminatory admissions policies in U.S. schools. Staff are also required to not engage in homosexual activity, or violate the “unique roles of male and female.” Moral misconduct under the staff agreement includes “homosexual or lesbian sexual activity, polygamy [and] transgender identity.”

In response to requests for comment on the school’s hiring practices and admissions policies, a spokesperson for Mrs. Pence noted that she also previously taught at the school for 12 years, while her husband was in Congress. The couple’s daughter Charlotte Pence attended the school, HuffPost reports.

While it is legal for private employers, in Virginia and many other states, to discriminate on the basis of sexual and gender identity, some are questioning if it is suitably inclusive social modeling in association with such a high office.

“Why not teach at a school that welcomes everyone, instead of choosing one that won’t serve LGBTQ kids, kids of LGBTQ parents?” said JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president for policy and political affairs at the Human Rights Campaign, in a statement to HuffPost. “The Pences never seem to miss an opportunity to show their public service only extends to some.”

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