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Katerina Makunova. (Photo courtesy Metropolitan Police)
Katerina Makunova. (Photo courtesy Metropolitan Police)

Misconduct investigation

Teen killed by abusive ex-partner reported him to police five times before her death

By WITW Staff on January 16, 2019

Five London police officers are facing a misconduct investigation after a 17-year-old girl was killed during a physical altercation with an ex-partner, whom the teenager had previously reported to police five times over alleged abuse. According to a report from UK paper The Times, Katerina Makunova died just a day after she told her family that she was ending her relationship with her controlling and abusive partner, 21-year-old Oluwaseyi Dada. She had gone to his apartment in Camberwell, South London, on a final visit to retrieve her mobile phone — which he had allegedly stolen from her. Police have said they believe the couple got into a struggle which ended fatally after Makunova fell onto a knife she’d hidden in her handbag for protection. Dada pled guilty to manslaughter charges last week, and is awaiting sentencing.

The family of the slain teenager, however, have expressed outrage at the decision, accusing prosecutors of ignoring evidence of his past abuse and police officers of negligence in failing to take action before it was too late. The family said that Makunova was just 15 when she met Dada on Instagram. Her brother, Julius, said that he had seen photos of his sister with a bruised face after an alleged attack by Dada. In other instance, he claimed, Dada threw Makunova out of his apartment while she was naked, took and shared pictures of her while she was asleep in her underwear, and repeatedly threatened her and the rest of the family — including Makunova’s mother.

“Dada would tell her, ‘If you say anything to the police I am going to fuck up your family and your mother is going to be the first to get it’,” Julius told The Times. In one message Dada allegedly sent to Makunova shortly before her death, he wrote: “If u fuck about with a man mark my words all your family are [in serious trouble].”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct are currently reviewing the case for evidence of misconduct by the officers involved in it.

Read the full story at Broadly.


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