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Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt on their wedding day. (YouTube/Amazon Prime Video)

'Demand for justice'

Trailer: In a new docuseries, Lorena Bobbitt is given a platform to ‘tell her truth’ about the 1993 castration scandal

By WITW Staff on January 9, 2019

A new documentary series that reexamines the story of Lorena Bobbitt — the woman who infamously cut off her allegedly abusive husband’s penis — will premiere this month at the Sundance Film Festival, before being released to Amazon’s streaming service in February.

The newly released Lorena trailer challenges those residual characterizations of Bobbit as “jealous” and “hot-blooded” using footage of trial testimony, in which she and other witnesses alleged a range of physical and sexual abuses perpetrated against her by her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. (Lorena was later found not guilty, and John was acquitted of marital sexual assault, Vanity Fair reports.) The series is described as covering “the scandal you know” and “the story you don’t know.”

The opening lines boil down the shocking 1993 event to its simplest narrative — “This was a modern love story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy marries girl. Girl cuts off boy’s penis” — but the trailer goes on to suggest there’s way more to the story, including analyzing the ways in which media hype at the time turned attention away from what was really at stake. It also indicates the series will place the events in the context of other 1990s sex scandals.

“With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth, as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse, and her demand for justice,” executive producer Jordan Peele told Variety when the series was first announced. “This is Lorena’s story, and we’re honored to help her tell it.”

Watch the Lorena trailer below:

Read the full story at Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.


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