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Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon )

‘Men in decline’

Women earning more than men leads to ‘disaster,’ says Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

By WITW Staff on January 4, 2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, whose show Tucker Carlson Tonight lost sponsors last month after he declared that immigrants make America “poorer and dirtier,” is facing another call for an advertiser boycott just days into the new year. During a segment of his show on Wednesday, that has since gone viral on social media, Carlson noted that women were increasingly out-earning men across the country. But this change, Carlson claimed, was nothing to be celebrated since women “generally don’t want to marry” men who make less than money than they do.

“Over big populations this causes a drop in marriage, a spike in out-of-wedlock births and all the familiar disasters that inevitably follow. More drug and alcohol abuse, higher incarceration rates, fewer families formed in the next generation,” said Carlson, apparently citing unnamed studies.

The chyron that ran onscreen as Carlson weighed in on women’s improved earning power read “men in decline.”

On social media, feminists and supporters of women’s rights questioned why advertisers continued to endorse the pundit and his sustained advocacy of “outmoded ideas that are used to repress women.”

Watch video of Carlson’s comments below:

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