Woman dumps cheating boyfriend in gutsy 21st birthday speech to friends

Don’t mess with Texas. That’s the takeaway after video of a Houston woman dumping her unfaithful boyfriend during her 21st birthday speech became a viral sensation, viewed millions of times after she posted it online.

Tiana Perea begins her speech in the conventional way, warmly thanking her friends for attending, before turning to her now ex-boyfriend, Santos Umana, and delivering a mic-drop moment.

“I’d like to thank Santos for making me realize I deserve so much better,” she says, “because every single person here knows you were trying to fuck with some girl.

“All of us have seen screenshots … you were sexting her and sending her videos.”

“In case you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the fuck out,” she says, pointing toward the door as her brother hands Santos a pre-packed duffle bag of his possessions.

Perea posted the video with the caption, “Is this the right thing to do when your bf cheats on you? @s_umana”

Watch the full video below:


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