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Episode 4 of TBD: The Michael Douglas interview

The legendary actor talks with Tina Brown about shooting a steamy sex scene in ‘Basic Instinct,’ Trump, #MeToo, getting accused of being a sex addict, and much more. Don’t miss this one

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In the fourth episode of TBD, Tina Brown sits down with Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas for a wide-ranging conversation about his life in Hollywood, his legacy — and a few of the racy moments from his legendary career that will never be forgotten. Brown asked Douglas to describe how “the red hot steamy scene which got you dubbed the horizontal Fred and Ginger” from Basic Instinct was shot, and Douglas obliged in explaining how it was put together, adding that it took “eight exhausting days” to film.

He also opened up about being “criticized for having a saggy butt” after appearing in one of the film’s famous nude scenes.

The conversation touched on a number of topics, including Douglas’ opinion of President Donald Trump, with whom he played golf back in the ’80s. Douglas insists Trump “has a good sense of humor,” but expected a different Trump to emerge after he entered the White House. “You know, I anticipated after the surprise election that he would, knowing how savvy he is, that he would be moving more to the center, having his constituency in his pocket.” He added that he believes the Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian collusion prevented Trump from moving closer to the middle.

Douglas chatted about his new sitcom and the ongoing worship of the iconic Gordon Gekko character her depicted in Wall Street.

Discussion also turned to the #MeToo movement and the sexual misconduct accusation Douglas faced.

“I was extremely, extremely disappointed in The Hollywood Reporter, which has been having a crusade in this area,” Douglas told Brown. “Now the way this generally works is somebody makes a charge and then they, if they are responsible, reach out as they did to every person I worked with over 25 years and they did because everybody got back to me and there was nobody that ever complimented that accusation. So I thought it was really a misuse of power. Very disappointed. It’s all past. But … you know, I mean this is the way it goes. You know I was accused back in 1990 of being a sex addict when I went to rehab.”

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