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Lauren Simmons (YouTube/ The Cut)
Lauren Simmons (YouTube/ The Cut)

‘Success story’

New film to tell tale of New York Stock Exchange’s youngest ever woman trader

By WITW Staff on December 6, 2018

The story of Lauren Simmons, the New York Stock Exchange’s youngest ever full-time female trader, is set to be told before a national audience after the 24-year-old agreed to deal to adapt her life into a film for production company AGC Studios. Simmons, who is just the second African-American woman to serve as full time trader on the NYSE floor, was also the only woman working as a NYSE trader when she passed the Series 19 exam to become a broker in 2017. The Rosenblatt Securities employee said that she began being approached by production studios seeking to adapt her remarkable story over the summer. She decided on AGC after meeting with Kiersey Clemons, the actress set to play her in the upcoming film.

“I ultimately decided [on] AGC because of Kiersey,” said Simmons. “I got to meet Kiersey and felt she resembled me a lot. She has such a beautiful personality and she genuinely wanted to share my story. Out of everyone that I met, I knew that she would do it very [honestly], and not make it into a story that isn’t true.”

Simmons, who is listed on the project as both a producer and as a consultant, added that she plans on personally ensuring that the film’s story remains true to her own experience — and those of the women traders who came before her.

“I’ll be very hands-on with the project,” she said. “Muriel Siebert was the first woman on the floor. I’ve made that clear, that I’m not the first.”

The young trader is also hopeful that more women will follow in their footsteps. In recent days, she noted, another woman had signed up as a full-time trader — increasing the number of women on the NYSE floor from one to two.

“If my story motivates other young women, and women of color, then I’m absolutely honored. I want my story to do that,” she declared. “I want there to be more success stories. I want to hear more women doing more things, especially being bold in male-dominated fields.”

Watch an interview with Simmons below.

Read the full story at CNBC.


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