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The Spider-Gwen comic from Marvel quickly became a fan favorite. (YouTube / Variant)
The Spider-Gwen comic from Marvel quickly became a fan favorite. (YouTube / Variant)

Senses tingling

All-female ‘Spider-Man’ film — starring fan favorite Spider-Gwen — is reportedly in the works

By WITW Staff on November 28, 2018

As theaters prepare for the release of the latest Spider-Man spinoff, the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, new reports have an indicated that an all-woman Spider-Man movie is also in the works — featuring characters such as Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Silk, Madame Web and others. The announcement of the new spin-off film comes fresh off the record-breaking box office success of Venom, which focused on the popular Spider-Man villain of the same name and grossed more than $822 million worldwide since its release on October 5.

The new as-yet untitled project will reportedly center on the character of Spider-Gwen — a fan favorite who also reportedly plays a large role in the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse. The all-female Spider-Man film will also be helmed by a woman — famed film animation director and artist Lauren Montgomery, who is known for her work on Avatar: the Last Airbender — and produced by Sony Pictures chair Amy Pascal. Montgomery’s co-showrunner on the animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender, Joaquim Dos Santos, is also said to be involved in the new project. While the film is reportedly looking at including a large cast of female characters from the beloved comic franchise, only Spider-Gwen is currently confirmed to appear in the new film.

In recent years, female-fronted superhero films have bucked the expectations of male executives such as Marvel chairman Ike Perlmutter, who once claimed that “female movies” were unequivocally doomed to failure. In 2017, Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot made more than $100 million during its premiere weekend — the biggest box office opening ever for a woman director.

For more on the comic book history of Spider-Gwen, watch the video below.

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