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U.S. Representative Mia Love (R-UT). (REUTERS/Jim Urquhart)
U.S. Representative Mia Love (R-UT). (REUTERS/Jim Urquhart)

‘No love’

Outgoing congresswoman says she now has a ‘clear vision’ of who Trump is

By WITW Staff on November 26, 2018

Republican U.S. Representative Mia Love of Utah condemned Donald Trump as a man incapable of “sincere service” or “real relationships” during her concession speech in a Utah congressional race on Monday. Following the incumbent representative’s apparent shocking loss to Democrat Ben McAdams, the president had suggested that Love’s refusal to publicly praise him and his policies had led to her defeat. He made those comments the day after the midterm elections and McAdams was declared the winner by a razor-thin margin nearly three weeks late.

“Mia gave me no love and she lost,” said Trump. “Too bad. Sorry about that Mia.”

Love addressed Trump’s criticism during her concession speech on Monday in Salt Lake City, telling supporters that “the president’s behavior towards me made me wonder: What did he have to gain by saying such a thing about a fellow Republican?”

“It was not really about asking him to do more, was it? Or was it something else?” asked Love, referring to Trump’s claim that he was upset at not being called in to campaign on her behalf. “However, this gave me a clear vision of his world as it is. No real relationships, just convenient transactions. That is an insufficient way to implement sincere service and policy.”

The recent midterms, and Trump’s own comments, she continued, only served to highlight the Republican Party’s failure to embrace minority voters and candidates.

“This election experience and these comments shines a spotlight on the problems Washington politicians have with minorities and black Americans — it’s transactional, it’s not personal,” said Love. “Republicans never take minority communities into their home and citizens into their homes and into their hearts. They stay with Democrats and bureaucrats in Washington because they do take them home — or at least make them feel like they have a home.”

Watch video of her remarks below.

Read the full story at CNN and watch Love’s full concession speech here.


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