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Sadie Durbin. (Twitter / WDRB)
Sadie Durbin. (Twitter / WDRB)

Napkin censorship

Breastfeeding mother sues Texas Roadhouse after being told by manager to ‘cover up’

By WITW Staff on November 21, 2018

A Kentucky woman is suing chain restaurant Texas Roadhouse after she was allegedly humiliated by a restaurant manager while breastfeeding. Sadie Durbin was with her family at the Texas Roadhouse in St. Matthews when the manager violated state law by demanding that she cover her breast and the infant’s face with a napkin, the lawsuit alleges. Kentucky law allows for mothers to “breastfeed her baby or express breast milk in any location, public or private.”

“We need you to cover up. We’re getting a lot of complaints,” Durbin said the manager told her. She wrote about the ordeal in a post on her Facebook page.

In a statement, the restaurant declined to apologize to Durbin but claimed that it had begun educating staff and performing community outreach on the issue of breastfeeding.

“It’s unfortunate that instead of returning our phone calls or emails, Ms. Durbin has chose[n] to pursue litigation,” the restaurant said. “We will not let this lawsuit impede the progress we made in conversations with nursing mothers last week. We look forward to the full facts emerging as we prepare our defense.”

Watch video coverage of the story below.

Read the full story at WDRB.


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