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PrettyLittleThing promotional photos that show two models of different sizes wearing the same style dress. (Twitter / PrettyLittleThing)

Body positive

Fashion brand wins praise for new campaign that many say ‘is what every clothing website needs’

November 9, 2018

Fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing has begun featuring models of different sizes wearing the same clothing for one of the brand’s latest lines, a move that has earned accolades from users on social media who hailed the gesture as simultaneously practical and body inclusive. In promotional pictures for its new “Sequin City” campaign, PLT showed off a model who wears a size 6 alongside a plus-size model to demonstrate how different sizes of the dress looked on women of differing body types. Fans of the brand and body positivity activists alike praised the new ads, noting that it’s about time clothing retailers started realizing that women of all sizes wanted to know what they would like in an outfit before buying it.

“This is what every clothing website needs, nothing more annoying than seeing something on only a plus size model or only on another model who’s petite,” wrote one user.

“Finally … [they’re] not just aiming at one type of blogger,” added another.

In the future, added other users, it would be ideal if retailers featured a true “curve” of different sized models so that customers could better understand how their own body might fit into the outfit of choice. But for an industry that has long been “dominated by tall, slim figures,” most agreed that the move was a positive sign, and an important step, for consumers, advertisers, and models alike.

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