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Scott Paul Beierle. (YouTube / CBS News)
Scott Paul Beierle. (YouTube / CBS News)

Warning signs

Florida yoga studio gunman reportedly was a self-described misogynist accused of groping women

By WITW Staff on November 5, 2018

Scott Paul Beierle, the 40-year-old military veteran who killed two women and wounded five others at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida, on Friday evening was a self-described misogynist who had twice been arrested for grabbing women without their consent, according to a report by The Associated Press. The women killed in the shooting at the Hot Yoga Tallahassee studio were Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, Florida State University College of Medicine professor, and 21-year-old FSU student Maura Binkley.

In 2014, a person who appears to be Beierle — authorities have not confirmed his identity — posted a series of videos on YouTube proclaiming himself as a misogynist, and saying that “promiscuous women” should be crucified. The person seen ranting in the video compared himself to Elliot Rodger, a self-identified “involuntary celibate” who killed six people and wounded more than a dozen more near the University of California, Santa Barbara, that same year. In another video, according to BuzzFeed News, the man can be seen spewing misogynistic rhetoric such as: “There are whores in — not only every city, not only every town, but every village.” Another of the videos posted in the series was wantonly titled “The Rebirth of my Misogynism,” BuzzFeed News reported. YouTube took the channel offline over the weekend.

The person who appears to be Beierle also made a number of racially-charged statements, saying that many black women are “disgusting,” that white women who date black men are “whores,” and that women who are in interracial relationships have betrayed “their blood.” He also ranted that land mines should be used to stop Mexicans from crossing into the United States.

Dr. Nancy Van Vessem (L), 61, a professor at Florida State University College of Medicine, and Maura Binkley, 21, a student at the school were both killed in the yoga studio shooting on Friday night. (YouTube / CBS News)

After Beierle’s military service, he attended graduate school at Florida State University. In 2012, he was charged with battery for grabbing a woman’s buttocks in a campus dining hall. He faced battery charges once again in 2016, when he allegedly grabbed and slapped a woman’s buttocks at a pool. In both instances, the charges were eventually dropped.

But these were not Beierle’s only brushes with the law. In 2016, he was charged with trespassing after he was seen following a Florida State University volleyball coach. Though Beierle was told he was banned from campus, he was found by police at a campus restaurant one month later.

Even in light of these details, police are still looking into the motive for the shooting. Beierle killed himself before he could be arrested, authorities said. For more on the story, watch the video below.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.


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