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Harvey Weinstein (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)
Harvey Weinstein (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)


Harvey Weinstein allegedly assaulted 16-year-old model after she refused to strip naked for him

By WITW Staff on November 2, 2018

Harvey Weinstein is facing legal action for at least 10 more allegations of sexual assault, including a claim that he forced a then-16-year-old model to “massage his penis,” an amended civil complaint filed in Manhattan on Wednesday revealed.

According to a class-action lawsuit against the disgraced movie mogul that was initially filed on behalf of 10 women last December, Weinstein met the teenage model in 2002 at an event for her modeling agency where he took down her phone number with a promise that he could help her with her dream of becoming an actress. After inviting her for what she thought would be a business lunch, Weinstein instead allegedly took her to his apartment in SoHo where he “wasted no time in aggressively and threateningly demanding sex.”

In the complaint, the women said that Weinstein tried to convince her to strip by claiming “she would have to be comfortable doing whatever the director told her to do — including losing her inhibitions and getting naked.” When she refused, Weinstein allegedly threatened to blackball her and end her career before it even started. According to the filing, the producer then removed his pants, grabbed her hand, and forced her to “touch and massage his penis” — prompting the 16-year-old to begin screaming at him and trying to flee the apartment.

Over the next several years, she said, Weinstein called and texted her roughly every two weeks to tell her that if she wanted to become an actress that she would have to go through him. She continued to pursue her career regardless, but in 2004 he offered her a role in The Nanny Diaries with the caveat that she would have to be “very good to him” in exchange. She eventually accepted the role. In 2006, she asked him for a recommendation to an acting school. After he provided the recommendation, he tried to ask her out for drinks — an invitation she declined — and then began contacting her more frequently. Years later, she said, she was in Weinstein’s office discussing her acting career when a music video for singer Christina Aguilera came on the TV. The producer, she said, abruptly began talking about how attracted he was to the singer, unzipped his pants and started to masturbate, prompting her to flee the office.

Weinstein’s lawyer has denied the claims in the suit as “preposterous,” claiming that the model and others, “like so many other women in this case,” would be “exposed as liars.”

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