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Model Kate Wasley (Instagram)
Model Kate Wasley (Instagram)

‘Altered reality’

Body positivity model hailed for revealing how Instagram celebrities ‘alter’ their photos

By WITW Staff on October 30, 2018

A plus-size Australian model is winning plaudits for pulling back the veil on how easy it is to edit photos on social media, pointing out that women were harming themselves mentally by trying to compare their bodies to “Photoshop.” Model Kate Wasley, who has appeared in popular publications such as Sports Illustrated, posted a video to Instagram in which she showed how she could edit a picture of herself in a bikini to hide any traces of cellulite, smooth out her complexion, make herself appear thinner, and even increase her bust.

“It takes so little time to alter a photo and so little time to compare yourself to the altered reality we constantly see on Instagram,” Wasley wrote. “It might be photoshop, it might be a pose, it might be that the person your comparing yourself to is a completely different build and body type to you. When you compare yourself to someone online you’re probably thinking of yourself at your worst and you’re comparing that to someone’s best fragments of their life that they choose to share with the world … It isn’t a fair fight. Instagram isn’t real life.”

Social media users hailed the model for her candor and thanked her for combating popular, and often unrealistic, notions of feminine beauty to which women of all ages, shapes, and sizes find themselves expected to conform.

“I love that you shared these words and the altering of the photo!! We all need more REAL and transparent people like you on the gram!” wrote one commenter.

“We need to end the comparison game. Thank you for doing your part and inspiring woman across the world,” added another.

Wasley, who boasts nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, previously went viral last year after a photo of herself and two of her friends that emphasized their different body types drew national attention. She has since created an Instagram page called Any BODY with fellow model Georgia Gibbs with the goal of using the page to celebrate all women’s bodies — regardless of how thin or curvy they may be.

“We all have so much more to offer this world than just our bodies and physical beauty regardless of the pressures put on everyone, (men and women alike) to look a certain way,” Wasley explained. “Being physically healthy is so so important, but so is your mental health.”

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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