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Grant William Robicheaux and Cerissa Laura Riley. (Orange County Sheriff Department)
Grant William Robicheaux and Cerissa Laura Riley. (Orange County Sheriff Department)

Serial date rape

Reality TV show surgeon and girlfriend hit with slew of new charges in disturbing case

By WITW Staff on October 18, 2018

A California surgeon and his girlfriend who were arrested last month and accused of drugging and raping two women have been charged in several more rape cases, authorities said. All told, prosecutors said the couple’s alleged crimes involve at least 50 cases of abuse, including more than 12 “credible potential victims.” Grant Robicheaux, 38, was charged with kidnapping, drugging and raping seven women, while his girlfriend, Cerissa Riley, 31, was also implicated in three additional cases. Both have pleaded not guilty, but if convicted could face a maximum punishment of life in prison.

Robicheaux, who once appeared on Bravo reality TV show Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, is accused of drugging women’s drinks — sometimes with the alleged help of Riley — while on dates at bars or restaurants. Then they would bring their victims back to his apartment, where they would film themselves having sex with their barely conscious or completely unresponsive victim. According to police, during a raid of Robicheaux’s apartment, investigators unearthed more than a 1,000 videos.

Prosecutors released details of some of the victim’s testimony, which included the case of a woman who said she woke to Robicheaux attempting to assault her. Police later arrived at the scene after a neighbor heard her screaming for help. Another woman said that the couple drugged her with date-rape drug GHB while they were at home, and that she woke up mid-assault but was unable to resist due to the effects of the drug. A third victim said that she had met Robicheaux on a dating app and that Riley, pretending to just be a friend of Robicheaux’s, showed up mid-date to invite the two of them to a bar. The woman said that they gave her drugs until she was highly intoxicated, but that she managed to escape into the bar’s bathroom where she locked herself in until the effects wore off.

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