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The Touch of Fur Shawl by Fendi.

Haute couture

Designer shawl that looks like a vagina and costs almost $1,000 sells out

October 18, 2018

Looking for something totally unique to add to your fall style? Why not walk around in public looking as though you’re emerging from a vagina? Something that, as The Guardian notes, makes you “look like you’re being born” is just the accessory that will turn some heads on busy metropolitan streets as you make your way to work on chilly mornings. Apparently, that’s what the fashion braintrust at Fendi, led by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, may have been thinking with one of its 2018 entries in the the women’s outerwear category dubbed “the Touch of Fur shawl.”

Or maybe you’re still looking for the perfect Halloween costume that’s sure to creep out your friends.

Laugh if you must, but not until you see the price tag. This haute item was selling on the website of London-based retailer Farfetch for the bargain price of $990. And the version of the shawl that comes in the rosewood hue has reportedly sold out. Not to worry, Fendi is selling the item in blue and red. But they don’t quite look as vulva-ish as the rosewood item — a point that Twitter users had a field day making fun of this week.

The fashion evolution of the scarf has been nothing short of remarkable to watch. A few years ago, we were introduced to the pussy bow. Last season, the fashion industry pivoted to the short-lived giant scarf craze and this year style-makers have apparently returned to the wearable genitals trend. What a time to be alive.

Read the full story at The New York Post


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