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Lynzy Lab (YouTube)
Lynzy Lab (YouTube)

‘Make some noise!’

Woman goes viral with song mocking Trump’s claim that it’s a ‘scary time for young men’

By WITW Staff on October 10, 2018

A Texas woman’s tongue-in-cheek musical response to Donald Trump’s recent claim that it is “a very scary time for young men” has gone viral on social media, as women hailed her stark contrast of the risk of being accused of sexual assault and the possibility of actually being assaulted. Trump, fresh off his mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, one of the women who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, had insisted to reporters that the accusations leveled against the justice demonstrated how “scary” it was to be a man. In response, performance artist Lynzy Lab, a dance lecturer at Texas State University, recorded herself singing a self-created tune on a ukulele and shared a link to the video on Twitter, explaining: “It’s a really scary time for dudes right now. So I wrote a song about it.

“I can’t use public transportation after 7 p.m. I can’t be brutally honest when you slide into my DMs. I can’t go to the club just to dance with my friends and I can’t ever leave my drink unattended,” sings Lab cheerily. “But it sure is a scary time for boys. Yeah, gentlemen! Band together, make some noise. It’s really tough when your reputation’s on the line and any woman you’ve assaulted could turn up anytime!”

The song, which largely centers on the constant precautions that women are told to make against sexual assault — and that are in turn often used against them, both in courts of law and public opinion, as evidence that they ‘invited’ assault — also contains direct allusions to Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh sexualy assaulted her in 1983 with the lyrics: “I can’t speak out against my rapist after 35 years. I can’t be taken seriously if I’m holding back tears.”

Lab, who hadn’t posted to Twitter in more than two years prior to sharing her impromptu song on Monday, has said that she was shocked at the “overwhelming response” she got to the video, which was widely shared across platforms and racked up more than 33 million views on NowThis Politics. Amid the wave of support she’s received, however, were comments from men’s rights activists and Trump supporters who accused her of anti-male bias. Lab addressed those complaints in a tweet on Wednesday, writing, “Just to clear up any confusion: I’m not here to delegitimize men’s struggles. I’m just hoping that we can finally start legitimizing women’s. Regardless of what you’ve decided about me, I’m not “anti-men”. I am, however, super “pro-women”. You should be too.”

Below, listen and watch Lab’s rendition of A Scary Time.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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