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Rose McGowan calls out the ‘faux liberals’ of the #MeToo movement

Rose McGowan, one of the galvanizing figures of #MeToo, did not hold back in an interview with The Sunday Times, during which she lambasted the Hollywood establishments as hypocrites and “faux liberals.”

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the #MeToo movement, which has ushered in a reckoning on the issues of sexual harassment and assault. McGowan was among the first women to accuse disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse, and she has since become an outspoken leader of the movement.

But McGowan had harsh words for those whom she says are insincere in their support of the movement.

“I just think they’re douchebags,” she said. “They’re not champions. I just think they’re losers. I don’t like them. How do I explain the fact that I got a GQ ‘Man of the Year’ award and no women’s magazines and no women’s organizations have supported me?”

McGowan noted that she has been excluded from many #MeToo events, but added, “And I don’t want to go, because it’s all bullshit. It’s a lie. It’s a Band-Aid lie to make them feel better. I know these people, I know they’re lily-livered, and as long as it looks good on the surface, to them, that’s enough.”

The actress called out Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton by name, casting doubt on their insistence that they did not know about Weinstein’s behavior. And McGowan has no qualms about expressing such contentious opinions.

“Tell me, who’s been more effective at getting us to this point?” she asked. “So playing nice for women hasn’t got us very far.”

Read the full story at The Cut.


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