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Hotel’s ‘sexist’ advertisement leads to divisive debate online

By WITW Staff on October 9, 2018

An Australian hotel has issued an apology over a print ad that showed a man and woman enjoying breakfast in bed after critics suggested that the layout of the breakfast spread and the couple’s reading choices reinforced sexist stereotypes. In an ad for the hotel Sofitel Brisbane, a woman is shown perusing a Chanel coffee table book, while her male partner reads the Financial Review.

“Your breakfast looks delicious … just wanted to let you know I’m a woman and I also read the Financial Review every day,” pointed out Elizabeth Redman, a reporter for The Australia, in a tweet addressed to Sofitel Brisbane.

“Of course, the fruit platter is on her side, she’d be loathed to touch the baked goods,” added another Twitter user.

In response, a number of social media users took issue with Redman’s criticism.

“If this is all you have to worry your mind about then you are very lucky person indeed, geez,” wrote one user.

As waves of responses came in, Redman endured abuse from a number of Twitter users, prompting the reporter to comment that she felt the need to “[mute] a lot of men on this website today,” and in one case hitting back with a small dig of her own after a male user asked, “what you expect to her read science journals? (sic).”

“I expect there are women who do read science journals *ducks*,” Redman deadpanned.

In response to Redman’s initial tweet and those of others who objected to the advertisement, the hotel issued an apology, writing that while “there was no intention of portraying a stereotype … we recognize it and apologise for any offense it has caused.” Officials for the hotel added that they had terminated hotel’s relationship with the creative team behind the offending advertisement.

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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