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Actress Bella Thorne. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Actress Bella Thorne. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


In response to Asia Argento, actress declares she’s ‘not here for’ #MeToo movement anymore

By WITW Staff on September 7, 2018

The mess surrounding Asia Argento continues to intensify.

Although she was a galvanizing force that buoyed the #MeToo movement after sharing her harrowing story of allegedly being raped by Harvey Weinstein, her standing in the movement — and perhaps the movement itself — is being challenged as one actress says she no longer wants to “be a part of the #MeToo movement” following Argento’s latest statement.

Through her lawyer, Argento is now alleging that Jimmy Bennett, the actor who accused her of sexually assaulting him when he was just 17, sexually assaulted her. When The New York Times first wrote about the allegations, Argento followed up by saying she had never had sex with Bennett, but later changed her story after text messages leaked proving that she had admitted to doing so. Argento also said Bennett approached her and her boyfriend, the late chef Anthony Bourdain, and “demanded a financial payment” or he would embarrass her.

But now in the midst of all this, she said she’s launching Phase Two of the #MeToo movement, according to her statement published by Deadline. “Asia believes that in Phase Two of the #metoo movement, everyone should come forward, tell their story regardless of their past, which in Asia’s circumstances constitutes a misunderstood interaction between her and Bennett that was initiated by Bennett, perpetrated upon Asia, and resulted in her ‘freezing’ and being placed in a ‘state of shock.’”

Former Disney star Bella Thorne discussed the latest turn of events in a post on Twitter. “I’m disgusted,” she said and linked to the Deadline article. “No longer want to be a part of the #metoo movement. Jimmy was a young kid.”

She also tweeted, “If this is what the me too movement is going to be about now I’m not here for it,” and “Victim shaming. Just awful.”

Thorne had earlier this year shared that she was also a victim of sexual assault, writing on Twitter, “I never knew what was right or wrong growing up..I didn’t know the person sneaking into my bedroom at night was a bad person.”

Read the full story at Yahoo.


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