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Brittni De La Mora, a pornstar turned preacher. (YouTube)
Brittni De La Mora, a pornstar turned preacher. (YouTube)


Pastor says she has ‘no regrets’ about unconventional life that preceded her path to God

By WITW Staff on August 31, 2018

She used to command an income of $30,000 a month for starring in pornographic films. But now, she has found a new life for herself as a preacher after a heroin addiction drove her to quit the adult film industry. Brittni De La Mora, who performed under the stage name Jenna Presley, appeared in about 300 adult films in Los Angeles and said she was once named the “world’s hottest porn star.” But with the success and money came a darker side — a severe addiction to heroin and suicidal thoughts grew so serious that she felt she was likely to take her own life.

One day, as she headed to Las Vegas to shoot a film, she opened up her Bible while she was on the plane and began reading. “On the airplane, I open up Revelation 2:20 — I have this thing against you: You tolerate that woman named Jezebel, and she leads my people into sexual immorality,” Brittni said, recalling the scripture. “I have given her time to repent, and if she doesn’t repent, I will cast her children and her into a sick bed.” Brittni said the words had such a deep impact on her that she quit the porn industry that very day, after filming those finals scenes. “I was just done.”

Desperate, she called her grandmother for help and moved with her to San Diego in 2012, where she began recovering from her addiction and spending increasing amounts of time at the Cornerstone Church. Over the course of a year, she said, she fell in love with the preacher, Pastor Richard De La Mora. By 2016, the unlikely relationship blossomed into marriage. Brittni had begun working as a real estate agent, and together the two were heading a young adult ministry.

“I’m beyond proud of my wife’s transformation,” said Richard. “’It just moves my heart because here was a woman who was once lost and now she is found.”

Fans play a ring toss game with adult film actress Jenna Presley at the Shane’s World booth at the Adult Video News Adult Entertainmnet Expo at the Sands Expo Center January 7, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Brittni’s foray into the porn industry began at an early age — she stripped for the first time, she recalled, after she visited a club with a friend for fun when she was just 16 years old.

“That was my first experience at a strip club. I had blonde hair and braces and they just put me on the stage that night,” Brittni recalled. She began stripping as a way to pay for her university education, and was later recruited by two porn producers. But two months into her new career, she caught gonorrhea and began suffering from anorexia — a problem she said was exacerbated by a film director who told her she was too “fat.” At the time, she weighed 105 pounds. In order to cope with the increasing pangs of her attempts at losing weight, she began using cocaine and later moved onto heroin. Soon, she said, she found herself unable to be happy when she wasn’t high.

But even looking back on those darker days, Brittni said that’s she proud to “live life with no regrets.”

“I’m a real estate agent now and I make just as much as I did in the porn industry and I don’t have to take my clothes off, so I’m much happier now,” she said. “If I had never gotten into the porn industry, I wouldn’t have got to do all of the incredible things I’m doing now.” But, she admits she couldn’t have quit her life in porn without first finding religion. “God and porn don’t mix,” she said.

Watch an interview with Brittni and video of her life below.

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