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A woman who was seen on a security camera ringing the doorbell of a Texas home in the middle of the night has been located by authorities and is safe. (Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)

Domestic violence

Police unravel mystery of distressed woman seen wearing restraints and ringing doorbell in middle of night

August 30, 2018

Investigators in Texas are unraveling the mystery triggered by a chilling video captured on a family’s doorbell camera in which a partially clothed woman, who appeared to be wearing some sort of restraints around her wrists, was seen on the home’s doorstep in the middle of the night.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office released the video of the woman earlier this week, hoping someone would be able to identify her. In the footage, she was seen appearing like an apparition and ringing the doorbell of the home, and then vanishing as mysteriously as she had arrived. According to reports, she’d been frantically ringing doorbells of homes in the neighborhood, outside of Houston, in the middle of the night, but by the time residents opened their doors, she was gone.

Late Wednesday, investigators said a call made to police earlier in the day about a person threatening to commit suicide led authorities to a gruesome scene — and ultimately the mystery woman’s rescue. Scott Spencer, a lieutenant with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, told reporters that the woman “is safe. She is with family at this time.”

The woman is 32, but police are not identifying her because they say she is a domestic violence victim. Investigators said when they arrived at the home after receiving the suicide call, they found the woman’s 49-year-old boyfriend dead of what they believe is a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officials said the woman was mentioned in the man’s suicide note, which led to them identifying her, but she was not at the scene when they arrived.

“There are some issues obviously with the video surveillance and why she was wearing those restraints and the circumstances surrounding it,” Spencer told reporters. “She is currently outside Montgomery County and our investigators will be meeting with her to continue the investigation.”

After police released the footage of the woman on the doorstep, the video went viral, with people around the world following the case.

For more on the story watch the video below.


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