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Lisa Beckman called the decal on a Houston-area school wall "sexist, misogynistic and discriminatory." (Twitter/Lisa Beckman)

'Change the world'

School comes up with perfect response amid outrage over sexist quote emblazoned on wall

August 28, 2018

A Houston-area school took swift action earlier this month after a Twitter-user drew attention to a dubious “inspirational” quote decorating a corridor wall. “The more you act like a lady, the more he’ll act like a gentleman,” the unattributed quote read, on a wall of the pre-K through eighth grade Gregory-Lincoln Education Center.

A “horrified” Lisa Beckman shared a photo of it, sent to her by a friend, and called it out for being sexist, misogynistic and discriminatory. “[This is] perpetuating horrible gender stereotypes, shaming women, and relinquishing boys of all responsibility,” she wrote.

She also contacted the school and its board to petition for the quote’s removal. The Houston Chronicle reported that the quote was removed the same day, with the Houston Independent School District issuing a statement to say the quote “does not support our values.”

Fittingly, given Beckman’s actions, it was replaced with a new quote, beautifully hand-painted and attributed to girls’ education campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai: “Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It’s you who can change the world.”

Read the full story at HuffPost and Houston Public Media.


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