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Nicholas Dagostino, center, appearing in a Texas courtrrom. (ABC13)
Nicholas Dagostino, center, appearing in a Texas courtrrom. (ABC13)


Texas man shot female drivers because he thinks they are ‘incompetent,’ police say

By WITW Staff on August 27, 2018

A Texas man is facing two felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly shooting two female drivers. Police say that Nicholas Dagostino targeted women because he thinks female drivers are “incompetent,” reports The Washington Post.

The most recent shooting took place on July 10 in Katy, Texas. A woman reported that she was pulling into a carwash when she heard a noise and saw that her window was cracked. She initially thought a rock had hit her car — but then she noticed her arm was bleeding, according to court documents. The victim says the bullet went through her arm and lodged in her chest, “just millimeters from her heart,” Houston news station ABC13 reported.

Police were able to track a green Ford Explorer that was next to the victim’s car to Nicholas Dagostino, who told investigators that he shot the woman in self defense because she had veered into his lane. The 29-year-old also said that he had previously shot at five other vehicles.

Authorities have linked a second shooting to Dagostino. In March, a woman was leaving a gas station when she heard something unusual and felt a pain in her arm. According to court records, she saw a man in a dark green vehicle looking at her as he drove away. Dagostino admitted to police that he had also shot at this woman — once again claiming that she had veered into his lane.

But investigators have pieced together a different story. Dagostino’s social media posts show that he “held a very dim view of women,” court documents say. He believed women were “incompetent drivers,” and existed solely “to give birth to male children.”

Dagostino is being held at $200,000 bond for each of the two charges. His defense attorney, Kenneth Mingledorff, told the Post that “[a] lot of assumptions are being made, and we’ll work through all that.” He also said that his client needs psychological help, but did not provide any further details. For more on the story, watch the video below.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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