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Blaire White (YouTube)
Blaire White (YouTube)

Stuck in the middle

Republican transgender YouTuber takes on notions of identity — both political and sexual

By WITW Staff on August 24, 2018

Controversial YouTube personality Blaire White, a transgender woman who has become famous for her contentious and heavily conservative views, says that the hate and vitriol she’s endured from both sides of the political spectrum since she first started making videos in college inspires her push her to end the politicization of the transgender identity. Unabashedly antagonistic — her first video was titled “Female Privilege | Antifeminism,” and she has since followed it with others such as “Fat Acceptance is Stupid” and “Trump IS Your President, Get Over It” — the now 24-year-old has accumulated a following of 450,000 subscribers on YouTube, some of whom, she says, are shocked or even appalled to discover that she is trans.

“If you mix being trans with having a few right-wing opinions … it’s a shit show,” says White. “I’ll be scrolling through my tweets and my notifications, and I’ll see a comment saying, ‘Fuck Blaire White. She is a gatekeeper for the trans community. She hates trans people. She’s a bigot’ … Then I’ll keep scrolling, and I’ll see one from someone more so on the right saying, “Fuck Blaire White. She’s a delusional man and she deserves to die.’” As she once put it in a tweet that has since been deleted, “Coming out as transgender was infinitely easier for me than coming out as a conservative.”

“It’s frustrating to feel like I’ll never be able to sit in a room full of leftists because of my beliefs, and I’ll never be able to sit in a room with conservatives because I’m trans,” she adds.

But at the heart of her ideology, she explains, is a simple notion — the importance of keeping an open mind and engaging in dialogue, even when people have sharply contrasting views. To that end, she frequently debates and collaborates with other content producers in an effort to challenge and subvert people’s preconceived notions. In one such video, produced alongside liberal atheist and skeptic YouTube personality Jaclyn Glenn, she directly confronted people’s notions of gender and identity by asking strangers in public which of the two they thought were trans — eliciting a variety of responses, and reactions. Watch White’s public social experiment below.

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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