‘One is enough’

Congressman’s former girlfriend says he attacked her when she didn’t take the trash out quickly enough

Karen Monahan (YouTube/CBS News)

An ex-girlfriend of U.S. Representative Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota and the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has spoken out on television for the first time about an alleged incident during which she says he physically dragged her off a bed in a fit of rage. The allegation surfaced last week when the woman’s son posted about having found a video that he says shows Ellison physically abusing his mother. Ellison is a candidate for Minnesota attorney general and, even though the accusations emerged just days ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, he still won at the polls.

Speaking with CBS News, Karen Monahan, 44, said that the argument occurred in September 2016 after Ellison accosted her while she was lying in bed listening to a podcast. He asked her to take the trash out, she recalled, and she nodded her head in acknowledgement only for Ellison to suddenly explode in anger.

“He looked at me, goes ‘Hey you f***ing hear me … and then he looked at me, he goes ‘Bitch, get the f*** out of my house,’ and he started to try to drag me off the bed,” Monahan said. “That’s when I put my camera on to video him.”

Afterwards, she said, “I called a friend and said I’m at the lowest of the low.”

U.S. Represenative. Keith Ellison (D-MN) (C) embraces supporters at the Rep. Tim Walz election night party on August 14, 2018 in St Paul, Minnesota. Ellison is running for Attorney General of Minnesota. Minnesota, Connecticut, Vermont and Wisconsin held primary elections today. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Monahan, who has declined to release the video she took of the incident or show it to reporters, says that she shouldn’t need to share the video to be believed. On Saturday, her son Austin, wrote on Facebook that he had discovered the nearly two-minute video on his mother’s computer in 2017, and that the footage had shaken him to his core. Ellison, meanwhile, has denied Monahan’s allegations unequivocally, telling CBS News that there “couldn’t be such a thing” as a video of the incident “because I never did that.”

Asked how she’d respond to those who question why she chose to speak out now, Monahan said, “I followed my gut. The gut that I kept trying to push down.” And as for those who ask whether Ellison should be absolved, since Monahan has said this was the only incident where he got physical with her during their three-year relationship, Monahan had a blunt response.

“He didn’t apologize for putting his hands on me,” she said. “One [time] is enough.”

Watch video of Monahan’s interview with CBS News below.

Read the full story at CBS News.


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