Woman says she was turned down from job because her name was too ‘ghetto’

Hermeisha Robinson (CBS News/YouTube)

A Missouri woman applying for a job at a health clinic has spoken out about a “racist” letter she received from the organization that claimed the employer would not “consider candidates that have suggestive ‘ghetto’ names.” Hermeisha Robinson, 27, shared a screenshot on Facebook of the email she was sent from medical office Mantality Health informing her she would not be offered a job.

“I know I’m well-qualified for the position as they seen on my resume. They discriminated against me because of my name which they considered to be ‘ghetto’ for their company! My feelings are very hurt and they even got me second-guessing my name trying to figure out if my name is really that ghetto,” wrote Robinson. She added that she decided to share her experience because “discrimination has to stop.” The post swiftly went viral and was shared upwards of 11,000 times as people offered support to Robinson and condemned the offensive email.

But according to a statement issued on Mantality Health’s website, the email was actually the result of a hacker who stole the company’s login information for job search aggregator Indeed. Speaking to the St. Louis-Dispatch, CEO Kevin Meuret said that he had the utmost sympathy for Robinson.

“That [response] is horrible. That young lady opened something that must have felt like a freight train, and that’s unacceptable,” he said, adding that 20 other applicants had also received fake emails.

Indeed, meanwhile, has reportedly claimed that it has investigated the hacking claim and found “no evidence” to support Mantality’s claim that the account had been compromised. Speaking to KMOV, another victim, Dorneshia Zachary, said she also received an email denigrating her name.

“The company looked at my name and said we don’t care about what you’ve done in life, your name is going to dismiss you completely,” Zachary said. Below, watch a CBS News report on the letter and in the following video, see Zachary discuss the rejection note she received in an email.

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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