The Week in Women: Beyoncé on her pregnancy scare, Osama bin Laden’s mom breaks her silence and wage gaps for tykes

Beyonce performs as she is pregnant with twins during the 59th Annual Grammy music Awards on February 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. (VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

Get ready to fall asleep while sitting up and start signing your name on text messages, because this week’s newsletter is all about parents. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Father of the Year Thomas Markle, the press-happy dad of Meghan, has reportedly fallen out of his daughter’s good graces for, you know, repeatedly making humiliating statements about her to the media. Entertainment Tonight reported that Meghan has not spoken to her father in more than two months, though Thomas told the Mail on Sunday that he hopes they can reconcile. “I’d hate to die without speaking to Meghan again,” he said. Well then, we have some handy advice: Shush.

Osama bin Laden’s mother, Alia Ghanem, has spoken publicly about her son for the first time, characterizing the 9/11 mastermind as a pious child who lost his way. Ghanem told the Guardian that bin Laden was radicalized after meeting Abdullah Azzam, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, while studying economics at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. “He was a very good kid and he loved me so much,” she said. “The people at university changed him. He became a different man.” Bin Laden’s two half-brothers — Ahmad and Hassan — confirmed that their mother has never been willing to fully blame bin Laden for his terrible actions.

Vogue’s cover story featuring Beyoncé (all hail) came out this week, and in it the singer opened about up her difficult pregnancy. “I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth to Rumi and Sir,” she said. “I was swollen from toxemia and [having] been on bed rest for over a month.” She also described that period of her pregnancy as being in “survival mode,” which just goes to show that you can never really know the hidden struggles of a person’s private life — even when she’s performing at awards shows looking like a glimmering, fecund sun goddess.

A study has found that parents tend to give sons bigger allowances than daughters, suggesting that the gender pay gap may begin long before women venture out into the working world. According to a recent analysis by BusyKid, a mobile phone app that allows children to track their allowance, boys are paid an average weekly allowance of $13.80, while girls only get $6.71. (These figures were based on data from the app’s users.) The study also found that girls spend more time doing chores than boys, even though they get paid less. Come on, parents! Give kids an equal chance to learn about the value of money by wasting it on candy and slime.

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