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Tenacious photojournalist was banned from doing her job — but she figured out a clever solution to get it done anyway

Parisa Pourtaherian (Twitter)

An intrepid Iranian photojournalist is being hailed on social media after she cleverly managed to circumvent the country’s ban on allowing women into men’s soccer matches by photographing the game from the roof of a nearby building. According to The Indian Express, Parisa Pourtaherian successfully covered a top league tournament match for her photo agency by perching on a rooftop and taking advantage of a gigantic telephoto lens to capture the game that was taking place inside Vatani Stadium in Qaemshahr. Images of the photojournalist swiftly went viral on social media in wake of the report, as users in Iran and worldwide hailed her for her determination and ingenuity — and renewed calls for an end to the sexist practice of forbidding women from attending men’s sports events.

In June, women in Iran were allowed to enter Tehran’s Azadi Stadium for the first time in 37 years so that they could watch a televised broadcast of their national team’s matchup with Spain in the World Cup alongside male fans. Despite the ban, many Iranian women have braved the risk of arrest to sneak into games by disguising themselves as men.

Pourtaherian, who graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree in industrial design, according to her Instagram account, is reportedly affiliated with Iranian youth soccer club KIA F.C. Academy and the IR Iran Volleyball federation. In a self-description that is perhaps indicative of a vigilante attitude, her Instagram profile recommends that one “always be yourself unless you can be Batman — then always BE BATMAN!”

Read the full story at The Quint.


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