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Kelly Jones. (YouTube / Inside Edition)
Kelly Jones. (YouTube / Inside Edition)

'I am afraid'

Ex-wife of controversial conspiracy theorist says he’s ‘worse in real life’ than he seems on his internet shows

By WITW Staff on August 8, 2018

Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of Alex Jones, the man behind the InfoWars online media properties, knows him like no one else does — and, not surprisingly, she is scared about what he is capable of. Kelly was married to Alex for 12 years and is now locked in a bitter court battle over custody of their three children. Jones this week found himself booted from several digital platforms on which he has built his conspiracy-mongering media conglomerate for violating community standards on hate speech. Apple removed his podcasts from the iTunes store and then Facebook, YouTube and Spotify followed with similar bans of Jones’ InfoWars pages and videos.

Jones, in addition to his frequent use of dehumanizing language, is one of the country’s most notorious conspiracy theorists. He has declared that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 26 including 20 children, was a hoax perpetrated by the U.S. government and that the grieving parents are actors. He’s also spread the notion that the September 11 terror attacks were orchestrated by government officials. If you’re not familiar with Jones, his shtick, while revolting, is also absurdist in nature. He spews baseless claims with reckless abandon and provides no supporting evidence whatsoever. For instance, earlier this summer, Jones hysterically predicted Democrats were plotting to launch a second Civil War on the Fourth of July. Obviously, no such conflict ever materialized. Nevertheless, he has amassed a significant following.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Kelly Jones addressed Alex’s claims that his bizarre online and radio persona is basically just an act. That’s not at all the case, Kelly said. “I think Alex is worse in real life,” she observed. “He’s an unhappy unwell man.” And she’s worried that his banishment from several leading social media platforms could have dire consequences. “I am afraid that he is going to be so upset and out of control that it will even be more dangerous,” she added.

InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones seen in one of his more extreme moments. (YouTube / Inside Edition)

On the topic of his conspiracy mongering about the Sandy Hook tragedy, Kelly said, “Alex has clearly said repeatedly that these beautiful children were not real, these deceased children. As a mom I just can’t understand a worse kind of hell.”

She also claims that Jones was emotionally abusive throughout their 12-year marriage, and that he’s only upped the emotional abuse since they divorced. Last year, a judge awarded her joint-custody of their three children and rule that her home would be the children’s primary residence. But he has fought her in court and her children have still not moved in with her amid the ongoing legal battle.

“What Alex has done after I filed for divorce is much more abusive than what I experienced in the marriage because he’s used litigation to hurt the children to hurt me,” she told Inside Edition.

“He’s engaging in racist and hateful speech. He needs to be held accountable,” she said.

Watch the interview with Kelly Jones below.

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