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Tatiane Spitzner. (Twitter)
Tatiane Spitzner. (Twitter)


Disturbing video of husband savagely beating his wife prompts nationwide outrage in Brazil

By WITW Staff on August 8, 2018

Horrific security camera footage showing a man beating his wife just moments before her death has sparked calls for a change in how Brazil handles domestic abuse after the video was aired on Brazilian television. The footage shows Luís Felipe Manvailer committing a brutal assault on his wife of five years, Tatiane Spitzner. The disturbing footage has been making the rounds on national television in Brazil and on social media ever since the popular TV show Fantástico first broadcast it on Sunday. In the video, Manvailer can be seen brutally punching and kicking his wife in the garage of their building. After she tries, unsuccessfully, to run away from him, he forces her into the elevator up to their fifth-floor apartment.

Less than 20 minutes later, Spitzner fell to her death, her body landing on the sidewalk outside the apartment building, an occurrence that was also caught by a security camera. The video also captures Manvailer returning to the elevator — and trying to remove the blood smeared across its walls — as he goes to recover Spitzner’s body.

Manvailer is being investigated for murder — an accusation he has denied, claiming that his wife threw herself to her death from the apartment’s balcony. According to reports, during the 15 minutes that the couple spent in the apartment leading up to Spitzner’s death, neighbors could hear her screaming in pain and desperately crying out for help.

In wake of the airing of the security footage of Manvailer’s attack on Spitzner, Brazilians flocked to social media to demand a cultural shift in how the country reacts to domestic violence by using the hashtag #metaAcolher — “stick a spoon in,” a reference to a popular Brazilian idiom: “When it’s a fight between husband and wife, don’t stick a spoon in.” In Brazil, a recent survey showed that more than a third of women in the country have been the victims of some form of violence and half of those women responded that the violence they were subjected to was perpetrated by a male partner or an ex.

Spitzner’s sister, Luana Spitzner, has also begun a campaign against femicide through an Instagram page called TodosPorTatiante, or All by Tatiante.

Watch the video of the attack below. Warning: It is difficult to view.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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