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Gerda Taro's Google Doodle.


Google Doodle honors war photographer Gerda Taro, who died at 26

By WITW Staff on August 1, 2018

On the 108th anniversary of her birth, pioneering war photographer Gerda Taro is being remembered in today’s Google Doodle.

Widely considered the first woman photojournalist to cover a war, Taro was also the first to die doing so –while covering the Spanish Civil War, in 1937. She was 26 years old when a tank crashed into a car full of soldiers, as she rode on the running board.

Born Gerda Pohorylle in Stuttgart, Germany, she left for Paris in 1933, after Adolf Hitler came to power. There she met and began a relationship with photographer Robert Capa, and together in 1936 they started covering the events of the Spanish Civil War, selling images of troops, conflict and refugees to the newspapers in France.

Taro was working alone when she was in the accident that ended her life.

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