Sky's the limit

Meet the high-flying women of parkour, defying social norms in Egypt

Every week for the past six months, a group of women has been meeting at a neglected park on the outskirts of Cairo. There, they practice running, jumping and climbing over obstacles and walls — skilled practitioners of the urban sport of “parkour.”

Their hope is to form their Egypt’s first professional team for the heart-stopping sport that originated in France in the 1980s, and together they make a refreshing sight in the socially conservative nation, where women are seldom seen participating in sports in such a public setting.

One of the players, Zayneb Helal, told Reuters, “It is natural that people did not accept it because they were not used to it. They did not accept the idea that girls could play sports, let alone on the street.”

Read the full story at Voice of America via Reuters.


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