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Author Lauren Groff. (Getty Images)

'On point'

Author swats away reporter’s sexist question with superb response

By WITW Staff on July 26, 2018

An author has won copious praise from social media users over the way she responded to a sexist question posed to her by a reporter in an interview. Lauren Groff sat down to do a Q&A with Colleen Walsh of The Harvard Gazette about her new collection of short stories titled Florida. Not too far into the conversation, Walsh asked Groff the following question: “You are a mother of two. In 10 years you have produced three novels and two short-story collections. Can you talk about your process and how you manage work and family?

A common question often posed to women, and clearly Groff was less than pleased to have heard it. “I understand that this is a question of vital importance to many people, particularly to other mothers who are artists trying to get their work done, and know that I feel for everyone in the struggle. But until I see a male writer asked this question, I’m going to respectfully decline to answer it,” she replied.

As the interview spread online and readers saw Groff’s response, a wave of praise followed. On Twitter, many women shared screen shots of the interview, with Groff’s reply highlighted accompanied by why this was such a pivotal — and “badass” — answer.

Interestingly, not all of the praise went to Groff. Walsh, the reporter who asked the question, was also lauded by the Ann Marie Lipinksi, the head of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism, for leaving the question and Groff’s answer in the final interview that was published.

Read the full story at ABC News.


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